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LDR’s Tim Barfield: PAR analysis of tax reform based on flawed assumptions

March 21, 2013

BATON ROUGE - PAR’s assumptions are erroneous. I have met with the members of PAR and shared with them the core data of this plan. PAR’s analysis does not take into account all the data used by the Louisiana Department of Revenue. We have always maintained that we used 2011 Fiscal Year data as a starting point for our analysis, but we have not stopped there. A standard approach to estimate the future is to begin with the best data as of today. This we have done, but only as the starting point. The Legislative Fiscal Office and other economic experts agree with our methodology. Our revenue projections will extend to FY 2014-2015 and will be revenue neutral. Again, we have shared our data and methodology with PAR on multiple occasions, and we will continue to do so throughout this process.

Tim Barfield
Executive Counsel
Louisiana Department of Revenue

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