10/15 Tuesday
Louisiana Withholding Tax Form (L-1 Return) - 3rd Quarter - Semi-Monthtly Payment Frequencies
Alcoholic Beverage Tax
10/21 Monday
Sales and Use Tax
Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications 911 Service Charge
Hotel Occupancy Tax
Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority Food and Beverage Tax
Hazardous Waste Disposal Tax
Beer Tax
Tobacco Tax
Terminal Operator Monthly
Motor Fuel Transporter
Fuel Backup Tax
Transportation And Communication Tax - Monthly Return
10/22 Tuesday
Supplier/Permissive Supplier
10/25 Friday
Interstate Motor Fuel User
Aviation Fuel Transporter
10/30 Wednesday
Telecommunication Tax for the Deaf
Transportation And Communication Tax - Quarterly Return
10/31 Thursday
Louisiana Withholding Tax Form (L-1 Return) - 3rd Quarter - Quarterly and Monthtly Payment Frequencies
Natural Gas Franchise Tax
Mineral Severance Tax
Surface Mining and Reclamation Fee
Oil Spill Contingency Fee
Timber Severance Tax