LDR Mission Statement

To fairly and efficiently collect state tax revenue to fund public services; to regulate charitable gaming and the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco; and to support state agencies in the collection of overdue debts.

LDR Vision Statement

LDR Vision Statement LDR strives to be a results-based, innovative and focused organization that is capable of rapidly responding to the needs of its citizens/stakeholders.

LDR Values:

  • Unity – one team, working together to accomplish our common goals.
  • Communication – an environment that encourages an ongoing, creative exchange of ideas between employees and management.
  • Responsiveness – a focus on identifying and satisfying external and internal customer needs.
  • Professionalism – a reputation (with internal and external customers) of fairness, courtesy, and reliability.
  • Integrity – an ethical standard of honesty and consistency.
  • Trust – a mutual respect and a shared confidence between managers and all fellow employees.
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