Tax Fraud

The Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) is committed to the fair administration of the tax laws of this state. This means that every taxpayer should pay no more and no less than the amount of taxes they owe the State of Louisiana. Although most taxpayers are honest and seek to pay their fair share of taxes to fund the vital services they receive from the state. Unfortunately, individuals and businesses exist that work hard to avoid paying what they owe by using unlawful means. This is fraud and it is illegal.

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is LDR’s primary criminal tax enforcement unit. Its function is to review alleged violations of the tax laws, to investigate those violations, and to recommend criminal prosecutions as warranted. CID also investigates alleged criminal violations and serious misconduct by LDR employees. In carrying out its role to identify willful noncompliance with the state's tax laws, CID relies on referrals from other divisions, as well as information from other governmental agencies and the public.

If you suspect a case of tax fraud, call us at 1-866-940-7053. The call is confidential.

Louisiana Identity Theft Affidavit for Unemployment Insurance Benefits Only

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