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News Releases

Filing and payment extensions available for state taxes due November 20, 2019...Continue Reading


BATON ROUGE – Due to an attempted ransomware attack affecting computer systems throughout state government, the Louisiana Department of Revenue has extended the filing dates for state taxes due Nov. 20, 2019. The extended due date is Nov. 25, 2019, for the following taxes:


·         Sales and Use Tax 

·         Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications 911 Service Charge 

·         Hotel Occupancy Tax 

·         Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority Food and Beverage Tax 

·         Beer Tax 

·         Tobacco Tax 

·         Terminal Operator Monthly Tax

·         Distributer/Exporter/Blender Tax

·         Motor Fuel Transporter Tax

·         Fuel Backup Tax 

·         Transportation And Communication Tax - Monthly Return 


This filing extension is available due to the November 18, 2019, attempted ransomware attack that affected operations and services at multiple state agencies, including the Department of Revenue. The attack did not compromise any state tax returns or taxpayer information. However, certain services provided by the department were disrupted, including the sales tax filing application Parish E-File and the Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point (LaTAP), the state’s tax account management portal.


No extension request is necessary on the part of the taxpayer. The department will apply the extension automatically and will waive any interest, delinquent filing penalty or delinquent payment penalty for any eligible return or payment submitted by the extended Nov. 25 deadline.




Court bars man convicted of tax fraud from preparing Louisiana tax returns...Continue Reading


BATON ROUGE – A Louisiana court has barred a former Baton Rouge tax preparer from preparing state income tax returns.


Judge Michael Caldwell of the 19th Judicial District in East Baton Rouge Parish issued the injunction against Joseph A. Gillies (Booking Photo) at the request of the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR).


Gillies was arrested in January 2017 on felony charges that he used “ghost” companies and fabricated business losses to claim $768,740.00 in improper tax refunds on behalf of his clients. Numerous clients told investigators they had not reported any business losses when they provided Gillies with their tax records, and many said they weren’t even business owners. Gillies pleaded guilty in October 2018 to one count of tax evasion.


Act 526 of the 2018 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature authorized LDR to bring lawsuits against tax preparers who engage in fraudulent activity such as submitting false tax returns.


“With this new legislation on the books, LDR is in a stronger position to protect the public from unscrupulous tax preparers,” Secretary of Revenue Kimberly Lewis Robinson said.


The injunction issued May 29, 2019, bars Gillies permanently from preparing any Louisiana tax returns other than his own. 



Request Louisiana state income tax filing extensions before the May 15 filing deadline...Continue Reading


BATON ROUGE – Louisiana taxpayers who need more time to file their state individual income taxes must submit their extension requests before the May 15, 2019, filing deadline. Failure to request an extension before the deadline can result in late-filing penalties.


Extension requests can be submitted electronically at


An extension provides more time to prepare and file a Louisiana individual income tax return. It does not grant additional time to pay any taxes due. Tax payments received after the May 15 deadline are subject to interest and late-payment penalties.



Filing Dates

12/16 Monday
Alcoholic Beverage Tax
12/20 Friday
Sales and Use Tax
Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications 911 Service Charge
Hotel Occupancy Tax
Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority Food and Beverage Tax
Beer Tax
Tobacco Tax
Terminal Operator Monthly
12/23 Monday
Supplier/Permissive Supplier

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