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Online and catalog shoppers in Louisiana to receive annual notifications about taxes due...Continue Reading


BATON ROUGE – Louisiana residents who made purchases from remote retailers last year for which sales tax was not collected will begin receiving notifications from those retailers about use taxes due on those purchases.


Act 569 of the 2016 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature requires remote retailers making sales of goods or services delivered to Louisiana addresses to notify shoppers about purchases that are subject to state use tax. The use tax applies to any transaction in which the state sales tax was not charged at the time of purchase, even if the retailer does not send a notice to the purchaser.


The annual notices, to be mailed by January 31 each year:


·         Provide the total amount paid by the purchaser for purchases in that preceding calendar year;

·         Contain a listing of the dates and amounts of purchases, if available;

·         Explain whether the property or service is exempt from sales and use taxes, if known by the retailer;

·         Clearly disclose the name of the retailer; and

·         Include a  clear  statement  that  Louisiana  use  tax  may be  due  on  the  purchases  made  from  the retailer and that Louisiana law requires the payment of an individual's use tax liability on the individual income tax return or the Consumer Use Tax Return (R-1035).


The notice includes instructions for the purchaser in reporting and paying the use tax. It can be reported on the state resident or nonresident Individual Income Tax Return or on the Consumer Use Tax Return, available at  Taxpayers who file their taxes through a paid preparer should provide the preparer with a copy of the notice.


The notification, sent by first class mail or certified mail, will arrive in an envelope marked “IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT ENCLOSED.” It may also be sent electronically if the purchaser authorized the remote retailer to do so in writing.


In addition to the notices sent to purchasers, remote retailers must provide the same information to the Louisiana Department of Revenue.


Read Revenue Information Bulletin 18-006 for more information.



Louisiana state income tax filing begins Monday, Jan. 29...Continue Reading


BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Department of Revenue will begin accepting 2017 state individual income tax returns on January 29, 2018. The date coincides with the date the IRS begins accepting 2017 federal income tax returns. On that day, Louisiana taxpayers can begin filing their state income tax returns electronically through Louisiana File Online (, the state’s free web portal for individual tax filers. With Louisiana File Online, taxpayers can:


·         File returns and pay taxes electronically

·         Check the status of individual income tax refunds

·         Amend current and prior-year tax returns


On Jan. 29 taxpayers can also begin submitting returns to the state through commercially available tax preparation software; or they can download paper tax forms from the LDR website. Updated printed forms will not be available before Jan. 29.


LDR has implemented enhanced security measures to protect Louisiana taxpayers from identity theft and other types of tax fraud. If returns do not trigger any fraud indicators, taxpayers can expect their tax refunds within 60 days of the filing date if they file electronically, and within 14 weeks if they file paper returns.


Taxpayers can minimize delays in receiving their refunds by updating their contact information with LDR, including name, address and telephone number. If you have moved or changed your name since your last tax filing, update your contact information at


2017 Louisiana individual income tax returns are due May 15, 2018.


Tips for Taxpayers


Steps to Insure Fast, Accurate Return & Refund Processing


·         File electronically – The expected refund processing time for returns filed electronically is up to 60 days; for paper returns, expect to wait up to 14 weeks.

·         Taxpayers should update personal information if their name or address changed during the tax year.

·         Double-check return information – Ensure that all Social Security numbers and tax computations are correct. Math errors and incorrect tax-table information are leading causes of delayed refunds.

·         Include all supporting information such as W-2s; use paperclips, not staples, if filing a paper return.

·         Apply for extensions in a timely manner – Extension requests must be filed no later than the May 15 income tax filing deadline.

·         Make checks or money orders payable to the Louisiana Department of Revenue; do not send cash.

·         If filing a paper return, attach the proper label to the mailing envelope.


Tips for Choosing a Reputable Tax Preparer


·         Try to find a preparer who will be around to answer questions after the return has been filed.

·         Avoid preparers who base their fee on a percentage of the amount of the refund or who claim they can obtain larger refunds than other preparers without first reviewing your returns.

·         Review and ask questions before signing a return.

·         Ask others that you know who have used that preparer if they were satisfied with the services that they received.

·         Ask any preparer that you are considering for references.

·         Ask and verify if the preparer belongs to a professional organization that requires its members to pursue continuing education and also holds them accountable to a code of ethics.

·         Always question entries on your return that you don’t understand.

·         Never sign a blank return.

·         Insist that the preparer sign as the paid preparer of the return and provide his/her appropriate information on the return.

·         The preparer should meet with the taxpayer and go over the return before it is filed.

·         Taxpayers should be provided a copy of their return before it is filed.

·         Pay attention to media reports of persons who have been convicted of tax fraud.

·         Taxpayers should be aware that the information that they provide to their preparer could be used to commit identity theft by an unscrupulous preparer.



Louisiana’s First Cultural Shopping Trail Launched by the Louisiana Tax Free Shopping Commission...Continue Reading


NATCHITOCHES – Louisiana Tax Free Shopping for International Visitors (LTFS) announced today the creation of the Louisiana Cultural Shopping Trail.  The trail will be launched by Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser on Saturday, November 18 in Natchitoches, in conjunction with the launch of the 2017 Holiday Trail of Lights.


“This is a chance to promote cultural and local shopping to Louisiana’s out-of-state visitors,” said LTFS Executive Director Denise Thevenot.  ”The shopping trail provides an opportunity for visitors driving through our state to get off the highway and discover Louisiana’s unique retail experiences.” 


The trails offer something for all visitors, from antique or boutique shopping to viewing our culture through locally hand-crafted goods, tasting and sharing our culinary delights or gearing up for one of our many outdoor adventures.


Visitors can use the interactive Louisiana Cultural Shopping Trail online map to plan their activities, from outlet shopping in north Louisiana, to the Front Street Marketplace on Natchitoches’ river bank, to the charming cottage boutiques in Covington’s historic district.


“The Cultural Shopping Trail allows local businesses to draw in both locals and visitors from around the world to see all they have to offer,” said Lt. Governor Nungesser. “Louisiana is known for its music, food and culture. That culture includes the antique shops in small towns to the outdoor specialty shops that sell gear to get you ready for the Sportsman’s Paradise and the Cajun villages that allow you to take home a piece of Louisiana.”


Stores do not have to be members of the Louisiana Tax Free Shopping program to participate in the shopping trail.


Louisiana Tax Free Shopping
offers international visitors to the state the opportunity to receive cash refunds for sales taxes paid on tangible items purchased at participating tax-free stores and permanently removed from the United States.  Visitors can apply for refunds at six locations throughout the state, including New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Bossier City, and Louis Armstrong International Airport. For more information:



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