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TaxSolver is the industry-leading tax return generation system leveraging ADP's dedicated tax research team and best-of-breed technology. Working as an integral part of your current financial or accounting system, TaxSolver processes and converts imported data to automatically generate tax returns. The internal controls offered by TaxSolver are a critical component of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance. Instead of spending time filling out tax returns, your tax department can focus on higher value and cost-saving activities.
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Avior Data

AviorData Tax Compliance is a software product that automates the import, processing, and filing of sales & use taxes to local, county, state, and federal jurisdictions across the entire U.S. It reduces the complexity of the sales & use tax filing process generating signature-ready tax returns for distributors, suppliers, and other filers. Tax Compliance lowers operational costs and improves filing accuracy and reliability minimizing business and compliance risks.

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CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business.

Save hours each month by automating the preparation and filing of your sales and use tax returns. A web-based sales and use tax returns solution, CorpSystem Sales Tax Returns Online minimizes the time it takes to prepare sales tax returns by automatically populating end-of-month liability data into the appropriate returns. Or you can completely shift your company’s labor-intensive sales and use tax filing burden to CCH, with CorpSystem Sales Tax Compliance Services. Let CCH, the industry’s most highly respected tax company, function as an extension of your own tax or accounting department. You can be assured that all sales and use tax returns will be filed completely, accurately and in a timely manner.
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CorpTax Software

CORPSales, the fully automated sales and use tax return preparation process to help tax departments reduce processing time and prepare more accurate returns.
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Sales Tax Manager

Sales Tax Manager is the complete solution for sales tax compliance in Louisiana. Our software automatically calculates and completes state and parish LA sales tax returns. Electronically file state returns or print out signature-ready forms. We offer multiple editions to meet the needs of small businesses or large accounting firms. Find out more at
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Sales Tax Online offers FREE services to electronically prepare, file and pay sales tax returns for the State of Louisiana and its local parishes. All possible calculations are performed automatically to minimize errors; increase overall accuracy; and reduce the burden of sales tax compliance. Visit the site recommended by the local tax administrators at
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Thomson RIA

By automating the sales and use tax compliance function with InSource Sales & Use Tax, our customers consistently achieve at least a 50% reduction in the time and effort required to complete their compliance function each month. Learn more about InSource Sales & Use Tax by visiting our website
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Trustfile offers LA filers an easy tool for e-filing sales and use taxes. Software features include: print capability for client review and/or record-keeping; automatic simple math calculations to avoid audit-triggering errors; data archiving and back-up; and screen-specific help throughout the application. Additional information is available at